A new era of marketing has arrived
December 12, 2022

Founded by industry leaders Juliette Tanarro and Renato Agrella, acerca is a minority-owned business that helps companies meet their marketing goals by delivering a unique mix of innovative solutions.

acerca brings B2B companies closer to their customers with the seamless integration of talent and technology. Starting from real-word experience and a data-driven mindset, our team fuels your success through consulting, content creation, and managed services. Technology accelerates our services at every stage for smart deployment. As our clients grow and transcend borders, our approach remains authentic, tailored, and customer-focused. With talent and technology, acerca elevates your brand and enhances your content, bringing your vision to life at global scale.


acerca’s ambition is to create an exceptional mix of technology and talent to meet its customers’ needs for B2B marketing.

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